Havanese has a particularly long and lustrous coat. This coat though can become matted if it is not brushed at least twice a week and preferably daily. The Havanese is a very attractive looking dog but they require care and attention if they are to stay this way. This guide will explain best practice for grooming your Havanese.

The Havanese does not shed often and so are known as a non shedding bred. It is important to realize that while they may not shed often they do shed. The Havanese must be brushed at least twice a week. This will stop the long haired coat of the Havanese from matting. It will also remove any dead hairs which are found in the dog’s coat. This will give your Havanese a healthier coat and your Havanese will feel better. When brushing the coat of your Havanese remember to be gentle. Rough brushing can lead to irritation of the Havanese skin.

You will also need to occasionally wash your Havanese. This does not need to be performed anywhere as regularly as the brushing but it is still an important part of the care and treatment of your Havanese. You should bathe your Havanese about once a month. The exception to this is of course if they have come into contact with something which is particularly smelly. You should use a special pet shampoo when you are washing your Havanese. Your dog may also require a pH level which is particular to only that dog and so you should consult with your veterinarian about this.  You will also want to use a pet conditioner so that the Havanese coat does not dry out. After you have finished washing your Havanese use a towel to dry them and a blow dryer to make sure that they are completely dry.

Havanese also requires cleaning around their eyes and ears. Due to their floppy ears Havanese often suffer from ear infections. This can be countered by regular cleaning of their ears. Use a moist cloth to wipe their ears but do not go to deeply inside the ear as you can cause damage.

Problems around the eyes are especially a problem of Havanese which has a lighter coat color. Havanese is susceptible to problems around the eyes and so you should clean this area with a moist cloth. If your dog is showing signs of irritation use an eye lotion to remedy the problem. You should consult with your veterinarian who will be able to recommend an eye lotion to you.

Finally make sure that the nails of your Havanese are well groomed. The trick to clipping your dog’s nails is to make sure you start when they are a puppy. If you start them young they will grow accustomed to the treatment and will not complain as fiercely. You should also use special dog clippers and not those that are designed for humans. Cut the nails back but do not cut off too much or you may cause some bleeding. Use a nail file following the clipping to smooth off the edges.