There is an excess of demand for Havanese puppies and a limited amount of supply. This means that a good quality Havanese puppy can fetch a high price. This has lead some so called “puppy mills” and “backyard breeder” to over breed their Havanese in order to maximize their profits. This can lead to serious health problems and behavioral issues. It is important that you choose a healthy puppy if you are to avoid future problems which are both expensive and emotionally distressing.

Havanese is specifically prone to certain healthy problems. In particular Havanese suffers cataracts at a greater rate than other breeds. Another common problem encountered with Havanese is deafness. When you are looking for a Havanese breeder you should find one that performs health testing. Health testing is performed by the breeder and provides you with valuable information about your puppies healthy. While this does not eliminate the possibility of future health problems it does offer some reassurance and if there are health issues you will be aware of them. Breeders may also offer to refund your purchase if the health testing proves to be inaccurate.

Because some puppy mills want to maximize their profits they will try and breed as many Havanese as they possibly can. This can lead to interbreeding which can result in serious healthy issues. Dogs that are interbred are more prone to serious genetic problems. Also because the breeders are mostly concerned with producing as many puppies as possible they neglect proper care and treatment of the puppies. The puppies are often crowded in and do not receive proper medical attention. This can lead to serious health and behavioral issues.

The Havanese requires a lot of attention and love. They need to be catered to specifically as they are a very attention loving animal. In puppy mills they are often neglected due to the large amount of dogs on hand. A neglected Havanese can often become shy around humans and withdrawn. This means that are not exactly the ideal family pet. Also they can develop destructive behaviors such as chewing as a way of acting out.

When asking your breeder about the health checks they perform they should be able to provide you with paperwork documentation which states information about the health of the dog. The breeder should be at least able to provide you with paperwork that the mother and father of the dog have had their eyes and hips checked for problems. You should query your breeder about genetic problems associated with the breed as a reputable breeder will be able to answer these questions.

Checking the health of your Havanese puppy before you buy is one of the smartest things that you can do. Small dogs such as the Havanese are prone to certain medical problems. While you cannot completely eliminate the possibility of problems occurring there are steps you can take to make sure that the chances of problems occurring are minimized.