As the Havanese are a particularly attractive looking dog and popular with dog owners across the country not many of them find themselves in shelters. As well as this there are relatively few Havanese compared to some other breeds of dogs and so there are fewer to end up in shelters. A Havanese is an expensive purchase as well which means that most people are unlikely to simply abandon the dog when it could be sold.

If you are looking to adopt a Havanese from a shelter then you may have to wait quite some time. Those shelters that cater to Havanese usually have an extensive waiting list. The shelter can also afford to be particular about which they let adopt their Havanese. This means that they will want to know some facts about you and your home before they will let you adopt.

Adopting a Havanese from a shelter may require paying a fee. Alternatively you may be asked to make a donation to the shelter in order to fund its efforts. If you are adopting a shelter Havanese then you should be aware that you are more likely to encounter problems than if you bought one from a breeder. Firstly shelters are unlikely to have a complete medical history for your Havanese. This means that you may find that there are medical issues with the dog that you were unaware of at the time of adoption.

You may not also have a complete history of the care that your Havanese has received in the past. If your Havanese has suffered abuse in the past it can affect its behavior into the future. Havanese are very sensitive pets. They require plenty of love and affection. If they have been neglected then they may have developed behavioral issues. This can include barking for attention or destructive chewing. Also neglected Havanese can become shy or withdrawn around humans. If they have been abused they may exhibit some biting behavior which can be dangerous around children. In order to prevent problems, before adopting you should be careful to observe the dog and see how they behave around humans and other animals. You may also want to ask the shelter workers if you feel that the Havanese has any behavioral issues.

You are also unlikely to get a puppy Havanese. Most people who have abandoned a Havanese wait until it is grown before they get rid of. This is not such a huge issue with a Havanese however as they retain their youthful demeanor throughout their life. You should also be sure that you are serious about adopting your Havanese. This breed can live up to fifteen years. They are a long term commitment and require special care and attention. They also require a fair amount of grooming. They have a long and very lovely coat but it must be brushed at least twice a week in order to stop it from matting. Be sure that you will have time to groom your Havanese.