There are a number of reasons why Havanese are abandoned by their owners and end up in shelters. This article will look at why people abandon their Havanese and what Havanese shelters are available to care for them when they are abandoned.

The reasons why people choose to abandon their dog to a Havanese shelter vary from owner to owner. Some owners find that time associated with grooming their Havanese is simply too much. People often underestimate the commitment of time that is involved with a Havanese such as brushing at least twice a week and regular bathing and nail clipping of the dog. Not only is this time consuming but it can also be expensive.

Also Havanese are very social dogs. They need plenty of companionship or they become withdrawn and shy. For very busy owners this can mean that the match between owner and dog does not work. Also if they have been neglected the Havanese can act out with behavioral problems such as destructive biting and barking. As well as this the Havanese must be exercised regularly. Many people find that they simply do not have enough time to walk their Havanese every day. Again if the Havanese does not receive sufficient exercise it can lead to behavioral issues.

Finally there can be external factors at play such as the breakup of a marriage, moving to another country or a death in the family which can all play a role in why people give up their Havanese.

There are a number of Shelters that specialize in taking in Havanese and finding them a new home. One of the largest in the United States is Havanese rescue Inc who maintains a website where you can find Havanese which is up for adoption. This organization is charity which is not associated with an of the breed clubs. It aims to rescue Havanese and then find them a new home. It also maintains good standards for the new owners of the Havanese. New owners are checked before they are allowed to adopt a Havanese.

Even though the dog has been abandoned there is still a fee charged to adopt the Havanese. These costs are charged by the Rescue shelter as a way of compensation for the medical, identification and neuter costs associated with getting the Havanese ready for adoption. The dogs are also vaccinated and checked for heart worm before they are put up for adoption.

The Havanese they come up for adoption often need to have their coats shaved off at the shelter. This is because if they have been abandoned their coats will often be in particularly bad shape. As the coat grows back however it will be of the same quality as any Havanese dog. The fact that shelter Havanese sometimes do not have the long coat associated with their breed means that people are put off initially. As a potential owner you should look beyond the Havanese current physical appearance and rather pay close attention to its personality and behavior.