There are a number of Havanese clubs in America the largest of which is the Havanese club of America. There are also many local Havanese clubs which have a dedicated membership base. The clubs are a great way for fellow Havanese owners to meet and to push forward issues which are important to owners and the Havanese breeds. This guide will look at some of the major Havanese clubs and what there aims are.

The largest and oldest of the Havanese clubs is the Havanese Club of America. This club was formed in 1979 by a group of committed Havanese owners. The original goal of the club was to create a national breed club for the Havanese. It was also setup with the intention of gaining recognition for the breed by the American Kennel club. In the beginning the club was very small with only nine members. The Havanese was also considered a rare breed which hadn’t yet reached mass popularity. Today the American Kennel Club has recognized the Havanese and placed it within its toy group. As the popularity and recognition of the Havanese has grown so has the Havanese club. It now has over four hundred members

These days the primary goal of the Havanese Club of America is to promote the quality of the breed. It also aims to get all of its members and breeders to use the standard for the Havanese breed which has been laid down by the American Kennel club. The Havanese Club of America organizes matches, specialty shows, agility trials and obedience trials. It also makes sure that any shows or trials that are put on are conducted in a sportsman like manner.

Another large club is the Independent Havanese Club which started in 1998. It had its start as a reaction to the Havanese club of America and its practice towards show circuit and breeding. The Independent Havanese Club felt that the Havanese club of America put too much emphasis on showing and breeding while neglecting personality and function as a pet. The purpose of the Independent Havanese Club is providing information about the Havanese as a pet and a companion.

This means that the club accepts that people may want to exhibit there Havanese at shows and breed them but the most important role of the Havanese is as a pet. This emphasis on the Havanese role as a pet means that the club is very concerned with any health issues that the breed faces. They also try to educate owners and the public about the Havanese breed. The Independent Havanese club is also involved with helping any Havanese that needs it. The club produces a newsletter which has stories about the Havanese, and includes important information about their breeding, behavior and training. There is also a Yahoo group that is members and no members can join. The club is based in the United States but has members from all over the world including Canada, Netherlands and of course Cuba.