A breed standard is a set of guidelines which are used to make sure that dogs that breeders produce stick to the specifications for that breed. The standards for the Havanese were created by the American Kennel Club. This guide will detail what the standards are for the Havanese breed.

The size is important standard for the Havanese. The ideal height for a Havanese is set at between 9 and 10 and half inches. The range that is considered acceptable for the Havanese is between 8 and half inches and 11 and half inches. If the Havanese is shorter or taller than this it is not accepted as part of the breed. This standard does not pertain to Havanese which is under a year old. The Havanese is not to be a fragile dog and should be moderately boned.

The next set of important characteristics are those which pertain to temperament, gait, structure and coat. The Havanese are a very intelligent dog which friendly and playful. The Havanese gait can be described as springy. This due to a short upper arm with strong rear drive. When moving the pads of the feet should visible both coming and going. The coat of the Havanese should be silky to the touch. The coat is ideally soft and with a light texture. The outer coat should also be slightly heavier. The coat should flow when the dog moves and ideally allows the natural lines of the Havanese to be viewed. If the Havanese has a coarse or wiry coat then it is not considered to meet breed standards. Corded coats are considered acceptable.

The expression of the Havanese should be soft with an intelligent look to the eyes. The eyes themselves should be large and dark brown or almond shaped. The eye rims are to be solid black except for in the case of chocolate dogs where solid brown rims meet the standard required. If there is a lack of pigmentation in the eye rims then the Havanese will be disqualified from meeting breed standards. The ears should be broad at their base and then drop down with a fold. They should also be set high on the skull. Color is not important in terms of breed standard. Also colors for the breed are acceptable.

The following are the main factors which would disqualify the dog from meeting Havanese breed standards. If the height of the dog is below eight and half inches or above eleven and half inches. If there is a lack of pigmentation in either the eyes rims, nose or lips. If the color pigmentation of the eye rims, nose or lips is any color except for black or brown. If the coat of the dog is wiry or coarse. If the dog has a short or smooth coat and does not have any furnishings.

These are the standards that have been set down by the American Kennel Club, if you are planning on breeding your Havanese you will want to make sure that your dog and the dog that they will be breeding with meets all of the standards set.