Havanese are not the right dog for everyone. Some people might simply not like the idea of such a small dog. Others may be tired of waiting for such a difficult to obtain puppy. Some owners don’t want to pay the high price that is associated with Havanese. Or perhaps some of the behavioral issues that are associated with Havanese are what turns them off. Whatever the reason there is likely to be a dog breed which is more suitable for you. This article will look at some other popular dog breeds and examine what characteristics might lead them to being preferred over the Havanese.

According to registration statistics, the Labrador retriever is the number one most popular dog.  When you look at the characteristics of the breed it is no surprise that they are very popular dog and they can make an alternative, albeit a quite different one, to the Havanese.

Unlike Havanese the Labrador is a relatively large dog. If you feel that a small dog is not quite right for you the Labrador is probably the breed that you should look at first. Also unlike Havanese the Labrador is a very common dog. Obtaining a good quality Labrador puppy is relatively inexpensive and easy to do.

Some people do not like the amount of care that comes with a Havanese. A Havanese needs to have their coat brushed at least twice a week if you don’t want it to become matted. In contrast the hair of the Labrador is short and straight and requires virtually no grooming.

Many people who are attracted to the Havanese become so because of its very even natured temperament. This is a commonality that is shared with the Labrador. Labradors are a kind and friendly dog. They are also reasonably easy to train although they often require a firmer hand than the Havanese.

If you are taken with a smaller dog you should look at the Cocker Spaniel. This is also a very popular dog, so like the Labrador you should find it fairly easy to obtain a good quality puppy. Cocker Spaniels tend to be more stubborn than the Havanese however they are an intelligent dog and can be easily trained. They are not quite as small as the Havanese and would be classified as a medium sized dog. Like the Havanese they must have company. This means that if the reason you don’t think a Havanese is because you don’t feel you have enough time to devote to them then an Cocker Spaniel is probably not for you either. That said if you want a loving and loyal dog that will bond strongly with your family then you will be hard pressed to find a better dog.

Cocker Spaniels and Labrador Retrievers are two excellent alternatives to the Havanese. While sharing some of the good qualities of the Havanese temperament they are nowhere near as rare or time consuming to care for.